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Be Grateful


This last week tested me a few times.

I started a new placement as part of my masters program, dealt with some conflicts, celebrated friends graduations and engagements, reminisced at the anniversary of my grandmothers passing, and last but not least, said good bye to my mom as she moved across the country.

You might be wondering “what got her through that crazy week?”.

Truthfully, throughout all the hustle and bustle this week, one thing kept coming to mind. Aside from how crazy I am and how much I put on my plate, I truly came to realize how grateful I am for all of my experiences and endeavors and that you truly will not be dealt anything you cannot handle. I’ve often said this quote but never truly understood its impact on one’s life until this week.


As I sat down to write this post, I began to think of how much I have going for me in my life. And how blessed I am to have supportive and love friends and family, to be able to pursue a masters degree, and to be healthy. This was extremely fitting  as today I attended a Baccalaureate and Magisterial Ceremony for some of my friends, peers, and soon to be colleagues. At today’s ceremony the key speaker talked about gratitude which is the feeling or an attitude that acknowledges a benefit that we have or may receive. This got me thinking more and I wondered, how often do you think about how grateful you are or how often do you tell others you are grateful to have them in your life?


Going forward, I hope to incorporate more gratitude into my life and embrace this as a sense of relaxation and remembrance of all my blessings. How will you be more grateful in your life?


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