A Sweet Surprise

Have you ever got a fortune from a fortune cookie and it be absolutely correct?

Well I got experience my sweet surprise this weekend. After a busy semester..and its definitely not finished yet as I have so much to accomplish in the next few weeks. I took a needed day off and went to Toronto to see my boyfriend.

It was a lot of fun seeing him and spending time making his new Ikea bed. Which also consisted of two trips to Ikea…great thanks for forgetting to put the screws in the box Ikea. But nonetheless it was a great weekend.

I got to help a good friend Bethany celebrate her birthday and I had a delicious burger and a martini.

mmm doesn’t that look delicious!! We went to Park and Labor in Toronto.

Over the weekend I learned that I am such a handy person to have around. I helped Kyle put together his Ikea bed with my own to hands. It was quite rewarding to build something. Anyways.. I must focus on my clinical nutrition 2 case now. But first I ask you something..

What have you done for yourself lately?


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