Being a Foodie

On Saturday Night I went out for a lovely dinner with my boyfriend (here’s your shout out!).
We had gone to a lovely Italian restaurant that we both love. Well things weren’t peachy for me Saturday night. I decided to test my pallet and I was a bit disappointed with the food. I asked the waiter how their Fig Salad was and he said it was delicious… boy was he wrong. It was okay. Then I started to think what was wrong with the salad. It needed some more acid and was a little on the peppery side. Then I stopped myself…..I am turning into the biggest foodie. AND I LOVE IT!!!

Have you ever had the realization that something you’ve been studying for so long is paying off. Well I did Saturday night. For my main I had ordered a goat cheese, chicken and spinach pizza (which was ALSO RECOMMENDED by the waiter.. oh did I mention he forgot about us most of the night.. ANNOYING). Anyways, when I was eating my pizza I felt disappointed again. I sat there and thought to myself I could have made this at home… and probably healthier.

It was a great accomplishment for me to be able to taste something and determine what it was missing or how I could make it a healthier version. In school we study the composition and nutritive value of foods however who thought food science would actually come out in real life in this way.

Anyways, the point is that whatever you’re doing in life has a purpose. It may not taste delicious at first or you may wonder why you are doing something. But then when you least expect it, it will CLICK! I ended up eating my pizza…

After pizza I still kept thinking about my new foodie accomplishment. And I remembered this one quote that I have always loved in my life…

Thinking about it  helped put things into perspective. It didn’t matter that the waiter recommended two items and they weren’t my favourite items. I was able to eat delicious food, have great company and spend a good night out on the town. My goal for this week is to keep things into perspective and live life to the fullest. We only get one chance so why not make it the best!!

Whats your goal this week?
Have you discovered the foodie in you?


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