Motivation Monday


Things have been a bit crazy – but when aren’t they right? Anyways today’s Motivation Monday is all about finding your fit. Sometimes we try and try for things but we can’t reach them – like our toes in yoga, or we don’t get accepted to a program. However that old saying “practice makes perfect” is true. We need to keep pushing ourselves to achieve greatness and we will! Our bodies behaves differently each day and our minds may feel different about a situation each day. Regardless we need to honour or bodies and continue on our journey.

Recnently I was lucky enough to experience what’s called “tapas” in yoga. It is a deep meditation where you can put in effort to achieve self-realization and mental relaxation. Honestly it was such cool experience to be able to turn off my brain for a bit. The next time I practiced yoga I was able to achieve the crow pose-something I’ve never been able to do. The crow pose looks like this.

Anways the moral of the story is. We are always going to be faced with bumps in the road. When we get there take a deep breath and continue on your journey to success.

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